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New to Me

Post by DAN » Sun Jun 11, 2017 1:25 pm


I had occasion to be in the slice of Tulsa that many of us call "Little Mexico" this afternoon and happened to spy this. It's new to me; up until today, I was aware of only one hispanic Reformed church in town.

This makes, to the best of my knowledge, four Protestant hispanic congregations within a ten-minute drive of my house: one Methodist, one Baptist--whether Reformed or not, I do not know--one Reformed Baptist, and one Reformed--whether Baptist or not, I do not know.

I know the pastor of the Reformed baptist church fairly well. Several of his people have been in my ESL classes, and more than once I have thought I might actually be better off in his church than in mine. It would not take me that long to learn enough Spanish for me to be functional.

Interestingly, at least to me, in the same church building where this Reformed congregation is taking root, a karate organization called J.A.D.Y. Karate used to meet. I saw them demonstrate at an Asian Festival that the Tulsa library system puts on once a year. They are an offshoot of the Wild Bunch, which teaches an eclectic mix of mostly Goju Ryu (Tulsa's karate scene was once dominated by Japanese Goju Ryu, brought here by Lou Angel, who'd been a student of Peter Urban and Yamaguchi Gogen) and taekwon-do. What interested me was that not only was the instructor hispanic, he had quite a number of hispanic girls amongst his students. Teaching girls to fight and defend themselves runs somewhat counter to the prevailing attitudes of many hispanic men, at least here, so I thought this was a very pleasant and positive development.
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