Pipes and Cigars (not that PipesandCigars tho)

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Pipes and Cigars (not that PipesandCigars tho)

Post by JudgeRusty » Sat Aug 05, 2017 1:00 pm

I hang out at Milan Tobacco several times per week.
Every once in a while someone will approach the counter with a similar refrain: regular cigar smoker, but wants some pipe tobacco because they used to smoke a pipe (or are new to pipe smoking or whatever).
The immediate response is to ask what cigars they smoke in order to find out if they smoke a mild or full-bodied cigar.
If they say they smoke a full bodied cigar, or if they ask for a "stronger" tobacco, the regular response from the staff is that most pipe tobaccos will not be as robust as a cigar. They will then suggest an English blend as the strongest flavor to satisfy the cigar smoker.

Now you could put all of what I know about cigar into two thimbles and all I know about pipe tobaccos isn't a lot more, but every time I hear this spiel it just set my teeth a bit on edge.

Is there a more accurate way to compare cigar flavors to pipe tobacco flavors?
Perhaps the good folks at Milans use this "spiel" to keep from going into hours of explanations and to get to selling some tobacco.
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