Walk it off

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Son of a Goose
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Walk it off

Post by Stanley76 » Thu Feb 07, 2019 9:05 pm

Y'all already know I like to walk everyday. That's when I really get into some serious praying. But it also has some other benefits too. Last year I was doing pretty crummy. Got WAY fat, diabetic, high blood pressure etc., the usual for a 64 year old guy. Anyway, I ended up having two CAT scans which found nothing and a colonoscopy which I despise. That was good too and I'm free and clear for ten years. In October I started eating right, cut out salt and walking every day. I had my check up last week and my doctor actually praised me for a change. I had dropped 20 lbs, my blood pressure was in the OK range without meds, my blood sugar level was fine and I'm only pre-diabetic now. Everything was great. The one thing he kept telling me was "Keep walking, do not stop walking". Turns out that just walking (and I amble more than walk) really helps out. It's also a great time to pray and when you get home you can kick back and smoke a bowl of Haunted Bookshop or something. I knew walking was good for me, but I never realized how just strolling for an hour a day can keep me healthy. I'm not qualified to give advice but all I can say is it helps me out a lot. The end.
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Re: Walk it off

Post by DAN » Thu Feb 07, 2019 9:25 pm

A daily constitutional used to be normal. In the day of the automobile and those wheelie things, not so much.
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