Ravi Zacharias

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Re: Ravi Zacharias

Post by Cobster » Sat Feb 20, 2021 7:45 pm

So far I'm liking what Todd is saying about Ravi on wreched radio. He's using what happend as a learning example for the rest of the church preaching about acountability. https://wretched.org/

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Re: Ravi Zacharias

Post by tuttle » Mon Apr 26, 2021 8:49 am

For what it's worth, Ravi's wife has spoken out on the subject.

In an email to family she says she went through everything and found nothing suspicious. She is claiming he is fully innocent of all of the things he's being accused of. She mentions some things the investigators either never confirmed with her (whether recovered pictures on his phone were sent to him or if he looked them up, etc) or how in one case they considered crosses he handed out to people as tools for grooming, which she explains their purpose and denies the assertion.

I think it's fair at least to hear her out since Ravi is dead. The link I have is from a site I've never visited before, so I don't know if they are for/against/or neutral in all of this, but I link it because it contains the whole email. https://julieroys.com/margie-zacharias- ... ends-ravi/
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Re: Ravi Zacharias

Post by Jester » Mon Apr 26, 2021 9:46 am

Two things I learned.

1. He didn't have a church. He was under no authority of a church to maintain any discipline. Consistently cut off from a regular body of believers. He was constantly on the road as a traveling Christian Philosopher. He was not a traveling pastor.

2. He owned multiple massage parlors and spas. 8O

Honorable as the efforts of his wife may be, I still think its fully possible that all the allegations are true. I still think Sam Allberry is trash. Lets remember that these accusations started when Ravi was alive in 2017. In fact there was a settlement (red flags). Sam Allberry collected paychecks while he believed the women and preformed the funeral service for Ravi. More allegations broke, which were known within RZIM before Ravi died. Employees of RZIM defended Ravi so reporters came for Sam. Sam was quick to chastise the reporters for assuming that he was defending Ravi, for Sam believed the women!
I am having trouble with this hero of the #metoo movements timeline. Did he believe the women when it was beneficial to his evangelical status? Did he believe them at the graveside where he spoke elegant words, which I can only assume spoke about living a godly life? Did he believe them as checks hit his bank account, signed by Ravi?

Sad story all around. We need a lot less traveling salesmen and a lot more faithful parishioners who are participating in Communion weekly with their local Body of Christ.

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