I just got a pkg from Affordable Pipes, Thanks Guy & Jac

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I just got a pkg from Affordable Pipes, Thanks Guy & Jac

Post by Searcher-4-Truth » Mon Mar 22, 2004 8:31 pm

I did some serious shopping fo some new baccys to try. I'm a fairly new smoker, & tend to really like black cavendish vanilla, but it's getting a little boring. I have tried a few sampler packs, but haven't hit on anything I would order a lot of.
I don't like straight latikia, but I have a tin of Early Morning Pipe, that I didn't care for when I tried it, but now that it's nearly gone I really like it a lot. Maybe my taste are finally changing a little.
Anyway I weent to the Affordable Pipes site & looked at all of their baccys, made a list of all the ones that looked like I would like them from the discriptsions & then went to the reviews, & read reviews on each one I had on my list. I narrowed it down by the reviews, & made my order.

Heres what I got today, & it's all in tins! :D

Blue Note
Sweet Vanilla Honeydew
Petersons Sunset Breeze
Mac Barens Black Abbrosia
Mac Barens Plumb Cake
Mac Barens Vanilla Creme

I'm a guessin this should keep me busy till next saturday night!

I have found the fine folks of Affordable pipes to be very kind, & extremly helpfull in my search for what I like, so I would like to say thank you to Guy & Jackie for you good help, & kindness in serving me.
If you haven't tried them I would highly recomend them for future consideration. Thier site is in the links section already or I would personally submitt it.
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