Is There a Recommended Wood Bleach For Briar?

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Really, really likes watching kids fish.
Really, really likes watching kids fish.
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Re: Is There a Recommended Wood Bleach For Briar?

Post by FredS » Fri Jun 30, 2017 9:49 am

Goose55 wrote:
Fri Jun 30, 2017 9:23 am
FredS wrote:
Fri Jun 30, 2017 8:13 am
I enjoy your inquires Goose. Don't ever stop learning and don't stop asking 'why?'.

Have you followed Sid's work of refurbishing and modifying pipes? In the classic car world we use the term "restomod" to describe the simultaneous actions of restoring and modifying a vehicle. A guy might take a car built in 1965 and rebuild it with a contemporary motor and transmission, or different headlights, or better brakes. One can end up with classic styling and modern reliability in a car that's built exactly as they envision. House flippers speak of a building that has "good bones", but it needs updating. Sid is a master of doing this with pipes. You can find many of his projects in the Pipe Making room. Follow the links to his website for a lot of documented projects he's done over the years.

With all that said, don't fall in to what I call the Google Trap. Don't stop experimenting yourself in favor of searching the net to find out what other people have done. For sure, seeking advice and information is a good thing, but it's no substitute for getting your own hands dirty.

EDIT: And don't bleach your pipes.
Thanks, Fred. You mean Sid, from Greece, right? I'll see if I can find this "Pipe Making Room" you speak of. Along this line, I recently paged through a restoration done by "Reborn Pipes." Fascinating, meticulous process of bringing back a pipe that had suffered small fractures after being dropped on concrete. A hand made Pipa Croci TRUE...

For now at least I have let go of the idea of bleaching.
Yes, Sid from Greece. Here's a link to his youtube page. Look at his "uploads" to see all the pipes he's resto-modded. You'll notice than none of them have gone from dark to light in color.
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