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Restoration Help Needed

Post by Sir Moose » Fri Jul 14, 2017 2:47 am

Okay, so a while back I picked up a batch of seven estate pipes. They're in pretty rough condition. I am interested in finding somebody who is willing to do some restoration work and get them back into serviceable condition in exchange for pick of the litter (or two if you feel it's warranted). I'd do it myself, but I lack the knowledge, skills, talent, time, or tools. Unfortunately, I can't seem to get pictures to post here anymore (thanks Obama Photobucket). So, I'm going to do my best to describe the pipes here and if anybody is interested I can email you pics. I'll warn you in advance, I'm enough of an amateur that I'm sure I've got errors in my pipe shape descriptions. I don't know stem materials well enough to describe them other than color, so I'm leaving that out. That said:

#1 Appears to be a homemade pipe that is almost a poker. There are no markings. It's not briar. I don't know what the wood is, but there is evidence of bark in some places.

#2 Billiard. On the left side I think it says "thepipe." On the right side it says "PORE PROCESSED BRIAR / MADE IN LONDON ENGLAND"

#3 Bulldog? (the bowl seems smaller than I personally would expect from a bulldog - more like a billiard size) The left side says "STARFIRE / Dr. Grabow." The right side says "Imported Briar / Adjustomatic / PAT 2461905." It has a pentagonal shaft (sort of diamond shaped). On the left side of the stem there is a white spade.

#4 Billiard? Perhaps some sort of Canadian variant? The left side says "TINDER BOX." The right side says "MADE IN ENGLAND 193." The shank is square. There is a design etched on the right side of the bowl, bottom of the bowl, and bottom of the shank - it kind of looks like somebody was doodling on it with a dremel.

#5 Medium Apple. Left side says "KAYWOODIE / SUPERGRAIN / SYNCRO-LOK / IMPORTED BRIAR." The right side says "80B." On the right side of the stem there is an inverted white club shape (that's just the way the threading works out - I'm guessing somebody goofed and it should be right side up on the left side).

#6 Canadian (I think). Black coarse rustication. On the bottom it says "TINDER BOX" and "MADE IN LONDON / ENGLAND"

#7 Some sort of Oom Paul variant (much softer angles than normal). The left side says "THE TINDER BOX / Verona / 902" The bottom says "MADE ITALY"

If anybody is interested or has questions, hit me up, but be warned I'll probably be away from the computer until Sunday evening, so I may be slow to respond.
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