Sanctuary Traders Clay Pipes & assorted goodies

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Sanctuary Traders Clay Pipes & assorted goodies

Post by FoodMaven » Mon Apr 30, 2018 10:58 am

[a hour or two after this post went online, I called and placed an order for the Gouda and English pipes. 7 and 9 inches respectively. I'll make another post once I smoke them. Samantha, the account agent, makes the pipes herself. They are slip not pressed. They are going to make some pressed pipes and "within a month or two (30Apr18), the website should offer them for sale.]

I'm in the research phase of clay pipes. Noodling the 'net today, I found a company that specializes in reproductions of historic artifacts.

They make these clay pipes for, as they say, museums, and civil war reanactors. Prices very reasonable and longer stems means holding the pipe comfortably. If you read this, know this company and are willing to talk about it, thanks, I'm obliged.


Address: 17619 Highland Ave, Tinley Park, Illinois 60477
Phone: (708) 336-5664

So, they also sell animal skins and I'm dreaming about making a coonskin cap and if you are a hat maker, let me know, post this post.

and if you want an ordinary smoker's cap:

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