Pipes and Pipe Tobacco Auction 24/7 all year

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Pipes and Pipe Tobacco Auction 24/7 all year

Post by qmechanics » Tue Jul 03, 2018 12:19 pm

I am making a broader announcement that Cigarbid.com now has an auction section , "Pipes and Pipe Tobacco" , devoted to pipe smoking products. They rotate in some of the same products from week to week with the new additions (It is good to check in each day for additional items being put up for bid.). Cigarbid has everything from Captain Black to Dunhill tobaccos from 1.5oz to 1 lb bags, pipe tools, lighters, bags and pipe care products.

Some of the bids I won include John Cotton blends from 5.00 - 6.00 a tin and Orlik Golden Slices 3.5 oz tin 8.50 etc. (Recently I decided to try a few aromatics for a change of pace.). I also bid on a 1lb bag of Lane RLP and Captain Black Copper and Dark in 12 ounce cans just for fun and won them for 17, 13, and 15 respectively ( I never purchased drug store tobacco before and decided to try a can of Captain Black. For the price why not?.). Captain Black Copper ,the first of the above I smoked, is not bad at all; Not to wet, PG much lighter than expected, no bite, pleasant flavor(One can taste the tobacco along with the casing) and room note etc.,

There are also many pipes mostly Stanwell, Big Ben etc. with a few Petersons, Drew Estate(Tsuge), Savinelli and Nording pipes here and there. I have seen Stanwells' Pipe of the Year and Hans Christian Andersen pipes sell for around 50 brand new.

Keep in mind Cigarbid.com is an auction webpage so prices vary, overbidding occurs etc. Cigarbid.com requires basic registration and a credit card on file.


PS The company had some problems a year ago due to their POS software upgrade. These issues have now disappeared.

Before bidding please note the shipping costs and place your shipping method to weekly (Weekly accumulation of items for a lower shipping rate ).

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I'm a lover and I'm a sinner
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Re: Pipes and Pipe Tobacco Auction 24/7 all year

Post by John-Boy » Tue Jul 03, 2018 2:49 pm

Moving thread to vendor sales area.
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