Gawith Hoggarth Brown Flake U/S

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Gawith Hoggarth Brown Flake U/S

Post by fisherofpipes » Wed Apr 13, 2011 11:11 pm

Strength: medium.
Flavoring: none detected.
Room note: pleasant to tolerable.
Taste: medium.
Recommendation: Highly Recommended (four stars)

I'll keep this one short. Nice to try the Lakeland-style flake without the Lakeland-style flavorings! Don't get me wrong, I like the Lakeland flavorings, but this one really points out the quality of the Virginias (and I suppose the Malawi Burley) Gawith Hoggarth is using, and presents them in a pure, unadulterated style. I imagine this would age well, and would seriously consider buying a pound for aging. I keep waiting for FVF to return, but I'm sure this is just as good, even though I have not had FVF in a couple years. It would make a worthy substitute, I'm sure. I'm sure many think it's better. How does a Gawith Hoggarth Lakeland Flake taste like without the Lakeland flavorings? Like tobacco. Like tobacco, but this one manages to remain smooth (unlike Dark Birdseye, but I digress. I don't think they were looking for smoothness there!) but at the same time rich. From time to time, I get those fig, fruit, and almond undertones one gets sometimes from good, well-cured Virginia weed, but they stay pretty much in the background. Just the basic good, well-cured Virginia weed is what predominates, and that is enough!
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Re: Gawith Hoggarth Brown Flake U/S

Post by Goose55 » Thu Jan 19, 2017 6:12 pm

GH Brown Flake is indeed an excellent tobacco. Very deep, rich, and satisfying. Absolutely beautiful, huge, irregular flakes that belong in a museum of pipe tobacco !! I also like the way this tobacco arrives on the dry side, which is a better value than getting wet flakes.

The flakes also are quite unusual to rub out for they have an almost "meaty" feel to them, as one rubs them out. Here is a pic I made of a couple flakes of GH "Brown Flake"

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