GH Dark Flake U/S

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GH Dark Flake U/S

Post by fisherofpipes » Thu Nov 29, 2012 1:54 am

Funny that I can't find a review thread on this one, though I'm sure it has been discussed here before. I went back to 2010 looking for a review, but unless I just missed it, didn't see one. Here, then, is my TR review of this most excellent blend!

Kilmarnock Piper

Strength: Strong.
Flavoring: Extremely Mild.
Taste: Full.
Room Note: Tolerable.
Recommendation: Highly Recommended (four stars).

I will give this four stars, because I can't do otherwise. It is quite a good blend, and not the usual GH fare. It is a bit too much in the "Kentucky Cured" style (though the tobaccos used are Malawi and Indian) to be a frequent smoke for me, though I enjoy the occasional bowl, as I am doing right now. Though it could never be an everydayer for me, I will most certainly buy it again (I have five or six bowls worth left at this point), for the plain and simple reason that I have had great results with it as a blender.

It seems that this is a tobacco I generally prefer not straight up, but in smaller doses. I have blended it mainly with other GH or SG flakes on the untopped side of things, and the best blend I have come up with, after much experimentation as to proportions, is the following:

40% GH Dark Flake U/S, 40% GH Brown Flake U/S, 7.5% GH Kendal Kentucky, 7.5% McClelland Blending Perique, and 5% C&D Pirate Kake (itself being 70% Latakia, and 30% "Turkish and Cavendish-cut Burley," according to C&Ds description).

The high Perique percentage is right up my alley, and the Kendal Kentucky adds some kick as well! The moderator here is that 5% Pirate Kake, really a very mellow Latakia cake, and one can hardly sense the Turkish and Burley in a 70% Latakia blend...

So, I will have to get some more just to make another batch of the above blend, which I think may be my best blend ever, as heady as it sounds. It is indeed pretty strong, yet mellow and not overpowering if taken slowly.

The same thing can be said of Dark Flake U/S itself. I'm slowly sipping this bowl in my quite ugly yet nicely-smoking Brebbia Whitehall (flawed second basket pipe) rusticated billiard, and enjoying it quite a bit. I love this blend, but again, just not an everyday thing.

Some seem to be able to detect those GH Lakeland toppings in this, but I really can't, probably due to my having smoked so much Ennerdale Flake, Kendal's Flake, Glengarry Flake, etc. I may therefore be somewhat jaded to Lakeland toppings, but I can certainly see how certain smokers not as used to such toppings as I am being able to taste them, perhaps simply from this blend having been in the same room as the tobaccos mentioned above! They probably added some sort of topping to this, despite the name "unscented," but I simply cannot sense any flavorings due to the dark-fired style of the flake.

Summing up, it will never be in my regular rotation, but since the occasional bowl is always very nice (especially when I'm in the mood for it, as I seem to be right now), and since at other times I have had such success with it as a blender, I will always keep some on hand, even though I will not be buying it by the pound.

So, there you go! I would be interested in hearing some other opinions on this blend, which I myself will always keep on hand, but will nevertheless not buy in large amounts, or smoke on a regular basis. It is a great change-up for me, and even if it were not for that fact, I have had such good results using it as a blending component, that I would buy it again and always keep it on hand if for this reason alone.
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Re: GH Dark Flake U/S

Post by Jocose » Mon May 15, 2017 4:20 pm

My favorite PT, the scented is also very good.
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