C&D "Snug Harbor" Bulk

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C&D "Snug Harbor" Bulk

Post by Bloodhound » Thu Feb 08, 2018 3:52 pm

I have been smoking this quite a bit as of late and think I can describe it, so here goes.

It is known here on CPS that I am a big fan of Blockade Runner and Black Frigate the two C&D kind of standard Navy blend offerings. Blockade Runner is a navy blend and Black Frigate is Blockade Runner with Latakia added. As with most C&D blends they are shipped quick and benefit with a little age 6 to 18 months seems about right for my taste. I was looking for a bulk that would get me close to these two favorites and save me some $$.

I found Snug Harbor.

It is kind of an English/Balkan/Navy blend with Perique oh yes and some Rum. OK it is an odd blend, but it really works. There is a burley note with the rum at first with nuttiness, then the Turkish earthiness, smoky Latakia, a bit of sweet grassy Virginia, and a tiny amount of rum with more of the sweet smoke of the Lat to finish.

I know what some might be thinking...Just throw some Rum on a Balkan blend and you would like that too...and maybe I would, but this blend has a solid gathering of flavors and it is very reliable in the different pipes I have smoked it in, but it prefers a med sized bowl...get too big and the flavors get a little lost in the lat but in a medium sized bowl...its ALL GOOD!

This won't replace regular tins of Blockade Runner and Black Frigate, but it will make for longer spaces between and it will save me some $$.
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