Pipe #17 - Acorn

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Re: Pipe #17 - Acorn

Post by fiddlestix » Sat Jan 17, 2015 9:31 pm

IdahoCowboy wrote:Very nice. I like the way it actually is very reminiscent of a real acorn, with the point at the bottom being a very nice touch. Even the lighter colored ring where it joins the stem has an two tone acorn feel. There's something 'branchy' about the shank. I agree with someone else who commented it has a very earthy feel.

So without asking you to reveal any trade secrets; do you actually sandblast a pipe to get that rough look to it, I know that what they call the finish, but is it achieved by real sandblasting?

Nice to meet ya, Idahocowboy. Appreciate the kind words. The pipe is, indeed, sandblasted. You can rusticate a pipe by hand with various hand tool. Some people use something as simple as a modified Philips screw driver. If you're interested, pipemakersforum.org is a great resource. I visit it almost daily to look stuff up.

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