I rebooted my blog when I was away

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I rebooted my blog when I was away

Post by tuttle » Tue Jan 20, 2015 9:56 am

During my Long Weekend away from here I re-started my blog. I had virtually stopped writing in 2013 on account of me stepping down as a worship pastor at the church I was at. Much of the blog found its roots in that. But I met with a few folks who had been encouraged by the blog and they encouraged me to start it up again. It's still kind of hit and miss, but I've sort of refocused the direction it was going and I'm sort of knocking off chunks of one large topic over time. So anyway, if any of you were interested in it in the past (and I know some of you were...I have google analytics...) I figured I'd let you know it's back up and running again.

I kicked things off with a good word from John Wesley (see jroog? I'm down) in a 7 (ok, 8 ) part series called "Directions for Singing"

And I'm currently in the middle of a series called "Renew the Table" which is basically a long-winded way of calling out the evangelical church in regards to their practice and understanding of the Lord's Supper (or lacktherof).

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