DIY Nasal Snuff

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DIY Nasal Snuff

Post by wosbald » Sat Mar 31, 2012 9:19 am

For reference purposes, I thought that it would be good to import the OP from THIS THREAD into the Library.
wosbald wrote:I always save the leftover shake from smoking tobacco, placing it all in a container and dipping the stuff. After some prodding from Preacherman, I decided to try making stuff out of the bone-dry stuff.

Get yourself a granite mortar and pestle. You can find a good one (large size) for a good price at an oriental food market. This is precisely the style that I have:


Removing any noticeably large pieces of stem, place a small palmful of shake in the pestle. Grab the pestle as one would hold a flight stick. With only moderate pressure, letting the weight of the pestle do most of the work, grind back and forth across the bottom. Circular motions can be used intermittently to bring coarser granules back into the mass of leaf to be ground. Stop when the stuff is as fine as possible (ideally, like pastry flour).

Of course, you can make your own blends over time, by collecting constituent leftovers in dedicated containers. Or you can simply grind-as-you-go by drying out and grinding the shake from each tin as you finish it and, therefore, sample single-blend or single-crop snuffs of impeccable quality. I just ground the shake from McC Christmas Cheer '07 Red VA into some of the most insanely delicious snuff ever.


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