good electro-quartz lighter care advice from wosbald

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good electro-quartz lighter care advice from wosbald

Post by DepartedLight » Sat May 05, 2012 8:10 pm

wosbald wrote:+JMJ+
Let me give you one bit of advice for these electro-quartz lighters. If the lighter ever stops wanting to ignite, it is not always because the fuel valve is gummed up. Sometimes, the residuals of butane or the smoke from lighting a pipe can cause a residue to build up on the electro-quartz contacts. Just use a pipe cleaner dipped in isopropyl and swab out the insides of the lighting "chamber 3 or 4 times, lighting the lighter with another source of flame between each try.

This should allow the lighter to ignite properly again (assuming that the valve isn't blocked).

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