Library reasons and rules

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Cross threaded, Self Quoting, One Pluser
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Library reasons and rules

Post by Zed » Sat Nov 22, 2008 2:37 pm

Brothers and Sisters this library is an information only forum. Its purpose is to inform the uninformed. Please take the time to add an article type of thread to inform others of matters pertaining to pipe smoking.

Please add no discussion, no thread jacking, no joking. The purpose of this is to have a central location where people can go to get informed. When someone starts a thread and you see where another opinion or method can be added please do so in an informative and objective way.

Please write your threads in such a way, as you would have someone inform you. Be descriptive, and consider any words you may use may be new to some one else.

If you have questions pertaining to one of the threads please do not ask within the thread. Start a new thread in a different forum or PM (private message) the author. Then the information can be added later.

If you would like a new subject added that you want information on then please request so in the requests forum not here. Then an informed person will start one for you. And then others will also add their advice.

Let us make this the most comprehensive pipe smoking library on the net.

Thank you, and good writing.