Give this guy your business...please.

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peter cornbriar
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Minister of Cob Questions, Resident Briar Rabbit, Sockpuppet Inquisitor
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Give this guy your business...please.

Post by peter cornbriar » Sat Mar 11, 2017 12:58 pm

An old- fashioned gentleman does business with this 85 year old purveyor/ repairer of electric /re-chargeable shavers:

Shaver Saver Service
728 N Duke St
Lancaster PA 17602
(717) 392-0650

This old timer hold out,last man standing in the dedicated shaver business, has been at it over 50 years.He's a real fire cracker,too!
He sells / repairs all things razors, electric /re-chargeable.

He boldly will tell you he is one of TWO men left in the dedicated shaver business,(the other guy is a 91 year old fellow somewhere in Kalifornia).
The only reason he hasn't closed up his B+M shop is because his IS the last B+M shop in USA.

If you can, visit his shop... his is a living fossil in the world of disposable America.
Besides, he's not doing too well health wise, has to use a seated walker to get around.I fear he may not last another year.

If you can't go in person,call him for all your non-disposable shaver needs.He ships UPS.Not sure if he takes credit cards.
He has no website, and business hours are basically banker's hours,he's also open Saturday mornings.

He sells the high quality german made Braun and PhillipsNorelco razors,(not sure if those are made in Europe).
I bought the last two of re-manufactured PhillipsNorelco CORDED ONLY,(now banned), rotary head razors last year.
He'll fix any razor and give you an earful to boot,taking potshots at disposable everything - he is an amazing man.
Best parts inventory in the business.
I think he even sells straight razors.

Sorry, don't know his name, but Mr.Shaver Saver should suffice.
Give him your business before it's too late..

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a large Chinese man named Wu
a large Chinese man named Wu
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Re: Give this guy your business...please.

Post by Jocose » Fri May 05, 2017 10:42 am

I don't shave or else I would.
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